City Sightseeing Roma City Sightseeing Roma è un servizio per turisti svolto con autobus rossi a due piani scoperti che effettuano il tour della città di Roma(Hop on - Hop off)
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Suspended between history and legend, myth and beauty, Rome still preserves its infinite charm and its unrivalled wonders. From ancient times to the Middle Ages, from Baroque to modern times, every age saw the Eternal City shining in its magic splendour.
Today it is possible to visit the places which made Rome immortal by observing it from another point of view, from a new and original perspective, on board our double-decker buses.
City Sightseeing Rome will allow you to travel through history and visit the places where the ancient Romans lived their social and political life as well as to admire the great Papal Rome, with its fine buildings and beautiful churches, by just sitting comfortable on board our buses. You will be able to visit the many churches, monuments, palaces, squares and streets of Imperial and Christian Rome, of Baroque and Modern Rome. Each bus has a highly technological, multilingual commentary system in eight (8) languages available for every passenger, which will not only keep you entertained, but also well informed about the city.
You can admire the great monuments of ancient Rome like the Imperial Forums, the Coliseum and the Circus Maximus. You will see the most beautiful Christian places like St. Peter's Basilica and Santa Maria Maggiore. One must also visit the squares and streets where the history of Rome was written such as Piazza Venezia, Piazza della Repubblica, Piazza del Popolo and Piazza Barberini. Then you can enjoy a walk among the coffee shops of the Dolce Vita in Via Veneto and later drive along the river Tevere and admire Trastevere, one of the old quarters of the City, with its typical restaurants and bars, where you can taste typical Roman dishes.
Thanks to our City Sightseeing© unmistakable red, open-top, double-decker buses, whose prestigious brand is renowned worldwide, you will discover that Rome has never been easier and more enjoyable to visit. Don’t miss this opportunity, please get on board and let us provide you with a unique experience!

  Open Bus Details
  Bus Terminal:
  Terminal A: Termini-Marsala (Via Marsala, 7)
  Terminal B: Largo Di Villa Peretti (Largo Di Villa Peretti, 1)
  Line A: 100'
  Line A: 10'
  Linea A: All year round
  Valid ticket:
  24 hrs, 48hrs or 72 hrs
  Multilingual Commentary
Wheelchair welcome
  Wheelchair welcome
  Open Bus Rates
  Adults Open Bus:
  Line A: € 25,00 (24hrs valid ticket)
  Line A: € 28,00 (48hrs valid ticket)
  Line A: € 32,00 (72hrs valid ticket)
  Children (5 - 15 y.o.) Open Bus:
  Line A: € 12,00 (24hrs valid ticket)
  Line A: € 14,00 (48hrs valid ticket)
  Line A: € 16,00 (72hrs valid ticket)
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